Delivery Terms and Conditions


1.Shoot has to be booked with an advance payment of 50%.The balance payment has to be done on the day of delivery.

2.Raw images will not be provided for ecommerce shoot.

3.For lifestyle shoots, raw images will be provided.

4.For ecommerce shoot, the backgrounds will be either white or grey. For getting both the backgrounds an extra amount of Rs.50 has to be paid.

5.The basic pricing for 6 ecommerce images is Rs.350.For extra requirements additional payment will be levied.

6.The MOQ(minimum order quantity ) should be 20 for the non regular category of products and there is no MOQ for the regular category.

Regular Category-Shirts, t shirts, trousers, shorts.

Non regular category-Inners and lingeries.

7.60 products should be provided at a time for model bookings. Or you need to go with the scheduled model for the day.

8.The product pick up and drop should be handled by the brand.

9.After the shoot, the material has to be picked within 3days.

Digital Business Services/Digital Marketing Services

1.The service cost for DBS/DMS will be the standard cost or it will be 15% of the marketing budget, whichever is higher will be opted. If the brand has more requirements then it will be separately charged.

2.Content creation is not included in the DBS/DMS charges.

3.The minimum service period is for 3 months. The renewal should be made before the 25th of the last month.

4.18% of the service cost will be excluded for the corresponding services.

Market Places

1.Minimum service cost is Rs.500.if any work is not completed ,then the partial payment will be refunded.

2.Apparel listing with basic attributes will be charged Rs.15 per product. Non Apparel listing with basic attributes will be charged Rs.25 per product.

3.Apparel listing with full attributes will be charged Rs.75 per product.3.Apparel listing with full attributes will be charged Rs.75 per product.3.Non Apparel listing with full attributes will be charged Rs.100 per product.

4.Product details have to be shared by the brand.

5 For Image editing /resizing extra charges will be applicable.